Beginners I

The Beginner's I Class consist of weekly conditioning. This conditioning will comprise, calisthenics (i.e. push ups, legs squats, etc.), minimal weight training, punching mitt routine, running and abdominal exercises.

Beginners II

The Beginner's II Class consists of much of the same as in The Beginner's I level. However, II differs in respect to the repetitions, intensity and duration involved in this level of working out. This level also involves some heavy bag conditioning to help strengthen the upper body.


The Intermediate Class although intended for those with some prior experience of working out, consists of mid level conditioning. This conditioning will include, more difficult calisthenics' routines, more intense running scenarios as well as more intense bag conditioning, again to strengthen the core muscles.


The Advanced Class is a class for those individuals who are already conditioned (or in shape), who simply want to add challenge to their workout objectives. Although this class is intended for the seasoned individual, those who've shown progress in any of the above classes will of course advance to this level. This level is all out, if you will. It consists of very intense conditioning scenarios, which include cardio, weight training, bag (heavy, speed, etc.) training, punching mitt training and more.


Cleveland Boxing Club

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