About Us . . .

Located in the heart of the city (just minutes from Downtown Cleveland), The Cleveland Boxing Club (CBC) is a much more than your traditional or average fitness gym. CBC is a workout facility focused on the only sport (boxing) known to work the entire body, in and out, for a more holistic workout.

Owned and operated by several professional boxers, CBC is the real deal when it comes to getting professional results from your workout objectives. Workouts and classes/sessions are administered by professional athletes who know their "stuff", if you will.

At CBC we offer our clients several different levels of workout intensity from basic beginners to advanced professionals, we will get you the results you seek without over or under working you. We invite you to come experience the difference for yourself! Come workout and train with champions . . .

How It Works . . .

  1. The first order of business is to assess your capabilities. We will determine this by both asking your athletic/workout history as well as giving you a brief workout test.
  2. Next we will sit down with you and determine what your objectives are (i.e. lose weight, gain muscle, etc.).
  3. Then we will recommend which classes/sessions best suits your needs, objectives and schedule.
  4. Lastly, yet most importantly we will continue to work with you for as long as you are committed to your outlined objectives.


Cleveland Boxing Club

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